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Related article: Date : Wed, February 3, 2009 January 11 24 -0800 ( PST ) From: amias05 yahoo. com Subject: brief encounters - Chapter 8 Brief Encounter - the saga continues............ ! eekkk First, Max Lolita Bbs the obligatory warnings and disclaimers - not to read into the fund, if unresponsive naughty sexual exploits of a young teenage student. the characters are fictional and not shown explicitly on the basis of a person... although, if you suddenly s in the center of the story Just think how happy she This is supposedly a work of fiction, albeit with some memories of my days of s own school and some of the most unspoken fantasies that I n and my "best friends " admitted only rarely, when we were playing in this very special, trust, and it was certainly innocent. Now it's hard to imagine what it was, no Internet immediately to help conjure up fantasies of the images, webcams, or stories based entertain. Our sex life was completely dependent on a strong faithFantasy rvent and therefore able to create our own fantasies are often based Friends and what we saw happening under the table or in the locker room ! I am no apologies for the fact that underwear prominently in this story, because quite honestly it did, was very visible, and n is a tangible link that has developed between us and our fascination with sex! It is important to remember that apart from very rare sexual extroverts, never dared to mention n is the problem because they are easy to install, and no one understood he what is happening to us anyway! could be a story about the age of discovery - it was usually in bed or when a brother, then it would be in the bathroom You point out that in the I write the history ! not ready yet, and good or bad, has now become a work of some length, but I'm n regularly for updates, and there is more than enough to keep the pages written Go ! Nifty require a text file so Max Lolita Bbs that if the format or punctuatiogo n slightly above the stream, now I know why! And while the script several reasons that had the names of characters have to change, so I hope of continuity, are now correctly Finally, I hope you enjoy and please please leave me a comment o suggestions, and for some of you, that could run a memory or two three, if you're lucky... I was intrigued to know Tom E -mail : amias05 yahoo. com **************************************** *** ******* **************************************** *** ***** Chapter 8 - Intelligence received " Oh, look who is running to get into our bus queue," said Alex, " is Simon. Why is this so? usually goes to the other bus with Stef n that lot. " n "I know," said David looked around, "such he loves us so much time, for n today he can not let go "n "stupid bastard ! "Tom said, laughing. " Hey!" Said Joe, as Simon went, "What do you do in this queue, is not ordinary ? " N "I know, I forgot how good !" Said Simon got his breath "I have go to my aunt, mom today and then I will pick up later returns. It's a load of shit", which was heard today, because I we checked into the room, but she would not be alone time in my house. " " hhhmmmm, why ? She has heard of you masturbate, then! "Said Tom smile, " I bloody hope not! "Said Simon raised his eyebrows. David interrupted," Hey, that's fine, that everything that has to Max Lolita Bbs say, what art WOT them and you did yesterday ! " " Yer, I think so, "replied Simon smiled and rubbed his Max Lolita Bbs crutch," but s better to wait until we get on the bus. " " We will not be long in coming, "said David, facing the street," which is see here. " Even after he was removed from his friends earlier in the day still resist Tom n as the last to climb the stairs, I could see through his short, now he knew exactly what was going to see, but not times, when it was another boy shorts are very exciting and the n of course, the mysBattery would reveal their shorts! As often happens, the roof of the bus was empty, so that the five boys n crammed into the two front seats, with David Simon and clamped between Joe. As soon as the bus lurched along the road had turned to Alex who was upstairs empty and said, "Well, then let Simon, you have to tell us all You have learned about the art of masturbation " " I might want to know something about it! " she said with a smile, then view of Alex, who made a ring with the index finger and thumb , and waved in the air! "What is that?" Said Tom Simon looked at the finger. " Ummmm.. ," David said, "I know that... " " Oh, I understand, but I'm not sure. " Alex said to break, " Well, I dunno, looks like zero," said Joe, "Come, Simon, tell us wots n is meant to be? " " Simon " Alex continued," Now I can drop it a little milk, , but do not know what it is or how to masturbate or something like you really get to know the type. " Simon smiled and nodded his head, Yer "How it works. " Alex smiled and asked," Well, that's going to be is an object lesson, " Simon nodded again Damn " ! "David put his hand into his pocket," can not fail to you can! Alex dirty sod ! " Smiled Tom: " Simon, yes,... please, please, Max Lolita Bbs that is convenient, please! " Simon looked at his audience," At this point the class should start ? " The asked with a smile from ear to ear. " Just Fuckin ' get to work ! "Said Joe, his shorts, apparently turgid, " Well, what do we do ? " " ! First you need an erection with the practice, "said Simon did not try to laughter, " Let's all see if we can handle the " " handle, "said Alex, laughing :" We have thus all Rockhard bleeding all day, let's get 'em out! " " had never imagined, "said Simon," the right of all along... keep your ZIP code y............. by... " " This is fun. "David said. " Max Lolita Bbs right to undo the early short, if I say so. " Simon continues," expects for them.... y........ Joe! I said, wait.... and fold open NOW! " Tom looked at the row, and was in sight of the other four couples welcome everything went gray shorts and displays a fascinating collection of underwear, squeezed his cock, but what Stef was slipping in expectancy should be longer. If only all lessons should be! " well, do not touch, leave it alone Tom! First I have to inspect all of you Make sure that it lasts long enough to continue, "said Simon. Just as he stood on the inspection fluctuated, bus, and when the rail strike \\ \\ n which lost control over his own pants and fell on his left ankle him in bulging white briefs. " Ooohh, we ask that again? "Alex asked, laughing and openly flouted Simon 's statement by the rubbing of the store in his underwear ", which is fucking hot... That would be a good striptease ! Oh sod can, I stay out of this here as a teacher, then! " " Fuck you, "said Simon giggle then pulled his shorts around his knees and crawled toward Tom said. "You can see what you need... But still I Check all, let Tom take a look! " Tom was obviously still in the writings cell Stef. " Gawd, I forgot you had to have the demons are fast see, but! In this case, only yer cock slit her urine and save as away.. it is only the movement of the hand you have to learn. If Do not touch ! "Simon Tom diligently watched its tail pulled by left open and twitching the view. ", and Alex, hard as ever, " he said, looking Simon," Of course, you still can Tom smart trousers.. hehe... so do not be shy to piss out of it slot! " " It's not so easy, "said Alex leaned back in his seat," these pants are s so nice and tight I am having trouble getting out... oooohhh... There " " seems a little angry with me, "said Simon put the red end with a tentative finger ", n is best to leave it alone after that because it end with a cast on it, does it?. " " Hey.. onReful ! Do not force it ! "Alex said to laugh, and tighten the legs together in joy. " Well, young David.. "Simon said, ducking and running," which has to offer, then? "Sat David was because his blue pants obviously full. " It is difficult to Simon, " he said," because I have no pants piss slit.. " " Mmmmm, I'd have to think about it, " Simon said na press firmly obvious erection David :" I think maybe it's better to drop 'em.... or perhaps pull 'em down yer balls... " " I think they are, " said the shy David again, lifting her body n the seat when he got his shorts as underwear to expose enough his cock covered with the foreskin still have the purple " " head.... Oh, well, " Simon said he was" now a day that David, Max Lolita Bbs you would be a kind foreskin and I will give this kind of masturbation! " " the love of "David replied," but none of you an "n " I know, but we were Max Lolita Bbs able to see and do very good, " Simon said :" It s simply hOrny ! " Joe was the last and I felt a little embarrassed, because it was obvious that cell contributes its new mandates for the first time. Revolved around all the see how it is thin, but very rigid. "Is it new," he wagged his tail through the fly said to Simon : " I ​​have not seen 'em before. " " Yes, we are, "said Joe looked timidly at his cock, " ummmm... I do not like 'em.. But I have no choice, Mom bought only 'em.. You see... and I, well, I just wanted some, like Dave to... Well, I have to use 'em now because it's all I have ! " " Well, I guess it sexy, "said David, " you can see through them almost n when you get up to the light... go to Joe to show you ! " Reluctantly, Joe put his tail in his pocket and stood up. The allegations had had a good tight especially around her ass and David Law, such as outline of his cock was clearly visible through the fine mesh fabrics. "Damn ! "Said Simon leaned forward : " You're right... Joe, do you have a tight see -through pants. NWhat back! "Yes, you're right, I see your cock! " Alex added: " What they did then" " wait... really? " Said Joe, hoping not just say, that Encourage ", WOT and honest " " Yes, really, they really are.... so sexy tight fit all n yer ass. "Simon said," I feel 'em and see what they're doing? " " Oh yeah! " Joe said excitedly and pushed his crutch in the direction of Simon. "Cor, it's really fun," Simon said, rubbing the cellular material between fingers ", it feels so easy... Is it drafty, with all that small holes in it? " " This is going to be fine, then when you throw a fart ! "Alex added, laughing. "It's the same material Stef how are you things that I'm using? " " Well, let's take a look," said Tom invasion n looks " like it should not be do? But Joe is right that when you are decor! " Alex said with a smile. " Well, you're a fucking comedy right now, right? " Said Tom, laughing. " YER! " Alex said, "However, WOT as tand then to Joe? I mean, like, s, as the drums are new and used! " " I have to admit, "said Joe," which are much softer and more beautiful old I Y fronts "that are so large and bright and round the tail, but \\ \\ n to do so strange. "n " you need is a matching vest ! "David said Joe winks. " fuck no, not me! " He replied : "I like to fuck west " n "Hey, why not? " Alex said, "That would be very sexy, is can put yer pants there, as we used to do in elementary school... " " Ah, yes... go! "Tom said," That would bring back some memories! " " fuck you ! " Joe said, laughing. "Please, Joe, and do it, it would look great on a matching vest ! " Said David very enthusiastic. seemed to be made with the idea, he added, the revealing comment: " Talking is the primary school is something I bet you will be never thought..... " " what, what Max Lolita Bbs ? " Joe interrupted, " I hope something dirty ! " " Well, yes it was! " said David with a smile: "In thLast year, the Junior from school you always wanted out of the bushes and pull the slowly in his vest and matching pants and then.... " "Shit ! You dirty sod ! And then... What? "Said Joe excitedly interrupt. " Well, I take off my clothes and was going to change underwear ! !. "Said David now looking a little embarrassed and wonder why they never admit selected is " You bastard little hot, " Alex said with astonishment: " And we always thought \\ \\ n were so quiet and do not even know what a willie ! " " Dave, you bastard! Never thought of you, think about it, I do! "Said Tom equally surprised :" You dirty little toad ! E n I thought it was me who had thoughts like that ! Hey.... I undress me too? " " Hmmm, I know. " Muttered David looked down and now red rather," I'm sorry.. Joe maybe I should not have said. " " Well, Dave, that really surprised me, "said Joe, " I wish I had cursed well said, had something toEventually, I would like you do! " " Really? " David said sounding surprised. N " Yes, damn it, really! "Said Joe, " I've always tried to think, speak a little excuse for a conversation that leads perhaps the underwear, but the beginning somehow we never did. " " roll on, regardless of shit coming! "Said Tom, " You can take my clothes off at any time Dave! " " Okay, you too! "David said with a smile. " If you want, "he smiled Tom because he knew it was Joe, who was David really wanted to take off. David now know that he and Joe on the same wavelength and that all remaining inhibitions quickly dismissed, he turned to Joe and said: " you know what I really like the next... " " No, but I bet it has something to do with underwear... it is? "That smiled. " Yes, but how do you know? " David asked naively. " Dave, do not care, "said Joe, wiping what could be a small tear in one eye," which is what you want... I.... We... to do ? " " Well, uh... Now I could change... only at night, if we change return tomorrow morning, " he paused and looked at David," Um, I mean, that could lead to all day, so.... It would be so damn hot! " " What do you wear your blue underpants me? "Said Joe, his eyes light " Shit.. yes.. ? So now mine " " Oh bloody hell ' Simon interrupted: "You hot! Yes, come to swap, then there is enough time to teach a straw... and everything I can do tonight! So hurry up ! " " Tom, "said Alex, while the bulk of erection at the close of David looked blue panties, " I would expect to enter into this exchange and the lark... " " Well, stupid boy, who already have, "said Tom with a smile, " Are you using shit my pants, and I'm Stef is underway " " Shit, I forgot ! "said Alex looking to see what it was, " and I was always very attached to this, and you have 'em back to \\ \\ n then? " " Yes, "I'm afraid so, or I will kill my mother " Because once again. "Said Tom:" And wearing of these bloody things down is a nightmare to. I am neither Stef never laugh again, I promise. " " Okay, okay, I'm used to it. "Alex said, " It's a shame, but that up to n It was the first time in weeks that did not have to worry about keeping n my pants up! " " Well, we have solved for you and Stef somehow, is not it, "said Tom," I do not know how, but we are. " " Damn only seen in these two, "said Simon interrupted and prodded Tom. Tom turned to see David out between the seat and pull her No to exit blue underwear, even there, sitting naked next to their school T -shirt. with white legs and a look at his hard cock visible n under my shirt tail, was a spectacle very sexy.. David cautious as always, thoroughly inspected inside and outside his pants for Before Joe said: " Take good care of them because I can not I lose a second pair or mother are bound to be to find out. Please do not pee in them, and please, no tire marks ! " Alex, Simon and Tom had to laugh at the request of David, do not leave skate brands. Joe pulled his pants and laid them on the square. He sat and Max Lolita Bbs looked was nothing but sweet, but his socks and tie to school shirt and their school n! Pick up the seating chart looked for a few seconds and said, " Oh damn.... BHS and hell, they are still hot," he smiled Then he took off his shirt out of the way contraction suspend point and pulled it slowly, thin tail poking into the left side of the bag, as David had done before. " Oh, my God, Dave... are so warm Oh, fucking hell, that's amazing ! " " BHS ! Art... the pig! Were Dave " Simon said angrily to ,. " Joe, please, hurry up and give us yer pants fast! " Said David looking around anxiously, "Hurry, when someone comes! " " Do not worry, here are, "said Joe, to deliver them," and still hot exactly like yours! and no no skid marks ! But I let you out if ad -d the odd spot urine because this material absorbs fun drops like a sponge " " Yes. do.... strange that " Tom said looking yellow spots on the Prior to his underwear," wonders if Stef urine stains or me. " But David Max Lolita Bbs had finished the interview pee hotspots. in some way, through the act of exchanging underwear had begun o one in his brain and was now deep in thought, as he mechanically in underwear Joe, everything had seemed to face this moment the Bus in the last 24 hours faced with a bewildering array of strong new emotional and sexual feelings, few could understand, and some n ot. not only that change is too obvious to miss the coveted Joe primary school, but her secret fantasy lingerie Joe is not more or secret or imagination, was a reality. there really exchanged underwear and now wore a pair of cellular Joe underpants, his body still warm slopeª that further compound the vest game he loved so much was hidden in the school pocket. The intense sexual feelings generated by the change, which contributed about proximity of Joe and his clothes na he always knew that with great difficulty to address their own emotions. On the one hand, I just wanted to make sure your home, as if the events of the last day never happened, but on the other hand, had an overwhelming desire to to give Joe turned around and hug. He wondered how he could reach with everyone, especially her attraction to Joe, it was just physical n or something deeper? In his mind was confused only child, what was perhaps the idea of ​​Joe as a brother he never had, that was able to share your feelings with ? awoke from his thoughts by Simon now leaning over the rail view of the front seats. Had already taken his shorts to expose again his underwear and readand to continue the classes. " David! Fucking wake up in the front of the class!Ready for the masturbation lesson waiting for you! Come yer cock out! " " Oh, fuck! Simon... sorry, was miles away! "David said it sounds very fear and not the same as always. This was not the right time to address your particular problem, so to play time, missed the ball on the fly strange letter, as he desperately tried to put his thoughts emotional problems away until at least came home. Although he knew in himself that he would try to make sense of of all this when I was alone later. once that is done, his mind wanders in the right way for the practical point of view in hand, drew his short tail of the fly, the foreskin n suspend already had retired from his head bright purple. with emotion with each other using the clothes of the kids were amazing David hard and forced to join the general chat. Joe was not without underwear usepiss slit and first tried to pull the narrow band around the first stage to his cock, then he is , the federal government take under his tail, but the elastic over again was too strong ! David, who was now resting on the same problem, over and asked him to pick up the ass of the seat so he could expose underwear pull tail is sufficient for lessons Simon believes that looking for the sexiest Joe saw it with the blue pants halfway down your ass and be proud slender tail, his balls are also visible. Of course, Alex and Tom had needed no second tell and everyone was ready, with their tails coming out of her panties, hands in the list "OK?" Simon said, "Not much to hear and see this as simple and" "Hurry ! " Alex said with a smile, gently rubbing his penis, "Will we have time s to reach it before the bus? " "Yes ! Class now! Very good now shut up! "said Simon with a smile, " First n eed to know what masturbatingsecond run, okay? " " Yes, teach.. " Said Tom Simons expectant effort to take advantage. " Fuck you ! "Said Simon," Look, it's easy. If you rub yer tail gives that nice tingly feeling is not it? " " Mmmmm ! I like that! "Said Joe begins to rub. " Yes, and I.. " David said. " Hey teacher, for two days not even admitted that there were queues ! "Said Alex with a smile. "Shut up! "Said Simon," Well, what you have to do is to bring the friction as the past feeling, tingling, y.... "Interrupted Tom: " But that's when it usually stops.. " " Good, very good, if not stop! Masturbation is, "said Simon, " You keep rubbing and then, as if rubbed long enough, you cum. " " Well, then what is Cumming... I mean, how errrrrr is like another that tingling sensation ? "I asked David. " Ah, "said Simon to think, how to explain, " is good, running like a fucking huge great tingling sensation... You know very well if n cum... ah, and cum sLeather c -u -c -o no - m m -e. " " Bugger, it's technical ! "Said Alex, still a little uncertain, " So what I'm n where then this aqueous material now leads to bite... I am away or what? " Joe said,"Yes ! Cumming is the same as Sun.. if aqueous matter as Alex can? " Shit, wait! " Simon said. " Yes, running running, if you do n way of saying things or not, is run on most kids our age is the only giant tickle... but when we get older we are in the sticky can do things... like Alex can and that's ending this way, " " Ohhhh shit I'm still a little confused, " Alex said with enthusiasm. " !. But you go in. I things that will not stick, but it is! " " " Shit, do not confuse me ! Simon said laughing, "Art says that aqueous material is thick and sticky for a bit... Max Lolita Bbs and that's what I has been, all of his pants... damn it smells weird gallons as well, "it Simon a deep breath :" And the last thing that art has been said that ince that start making cum sticky stuff... so you can not stop masturbating and always feel we can do now. Can an idiot once and then You have to let yer balls and things have a break before you can do, not s not back "because I have to do more of the sticky stuff cum !" " so you can, as often as straw and cum do this, then ?" said Alex confused. " Damn, I do not know everything!" Simon said, "but I mean, well, is a here, except for Alex can do it anyway just to keep non-stop, I , rubbing to get the tingling pain to tail or our fall get hands or anything! " " Yer, I think so. " Tom said the agreement several nods. "That's WOT I am doing! " N "I knew that dirty motherfucker I bet you fucking do it all night," said Alex pushing Tom with a smile. " Who told you ? " Said Tom. " Shut much! Law, and I think that art was Max Lolita Bbs meant to do when you can cum things, you might have to wait between doing more things cum. You see Alex ? "said Simin. " Yer, I think I have now," said Alex, "tells us how stupid... as What do we do? " N " I sort of understand "Joe said," but to show how to masturbate, I straw n ow "pressed Simon his hard cock in her underwear. "Very good!Look at this! " He said with a smile and pulled his cock out of his little slit piss. " First, make the ring in this way. " He said, holding his right hand with the finger finger and thumb together, "Now that is to rub and only here... where the button has a bit of edge species. and do not let your dick too tight or simply have pain! " " But I'm teachers grief! "said Joe. N " Well, you are a very dirty boy,I would say to your mother ! " Said Simon with a smile, "and said that art, if you do it too often go blind. " " Oh shit! Maybe you should leave a little bit, " Joe is not sure if it 's no joke n o, it was something that not even Simon! lasted not a minute longer for boys to master the basic art is a masturbationd of the moans soon became apparent that always right command " Everyone has the sense to start now?" Simon asked, watching hot acceleration hands and hard bone. N "I, I... " Said Joe, looking from his and David 's cock rubbing frantically, "Come on Dave... please let us together! " ", okay ? " Asked David smiled when he saw Joe monkey ass in the -Slip Blues half-mast. Emotions have to wait. N "Remember.... just do not stop at the tingling go! You have to! " Animated Simon, " And then someone might start to run as Alex s been done before. " " Yes, I want to start spraying ! "Tom said hopefully, " Fuck yeah.. Let n see that cum first! " Saw Tom and Alex said. "Hey, if I rub, I'm going to rub," Tom is not necessary to ask twice and moved the headquarters to be near and Alex that reached out to Alex 's cock, touch "Are you sure ?" that s the question: "No queues are exchanged before! "Alex smiled and stretched to keep Toms tail, "Just rub and Tom n shit not even argue, I ask. " Tom looked up and saw Simon watching angrily rubs his own no small prick, "Hey Simon, " he said, "You do not have a partner to get idiot sit here and I 'm here, along with Randy Alex! " " would you? " , said Simon, sounding very happy, " I thought the point you have to do for you! Rub my cock and I'm with you because I know that s what you want, " " how do we, do not you think ? "said Tom stared at him in the eye. Simon nodded and went a little red. David was in sight of Joe Hahn and suddenly solidifies folded, shook Joe 's right hand and took all the heat of four inches in the mouth. Sucking angry, grabbed Joe's hand and pulled him of his own throbbing cock, Joe knew exactly what he wanted and began to s that from top to bottom, the foreskin around to get the purple helmet n shown in the bottom of eachSignature of a stroke. in total ecstasy, David buried his face deep Joe crutch while he worked in the queue and continued through the very nice mix of three parts childhood smells of soap and a little sweat. Arriving left put his arm around her waist and pulled him closer to Joe. Now I was always in Joe embrace, dreamed only minutes before, and I felt safer if Joe put his left hand on the head with your fingers hair of David, when he moved up Joe Hahn and down. did not take long to see, which were taken in the direction of your emotions increase. In addition, Simon idleness, as it was part of the body, which had found interests you most ! Sitting there with Tom's hand firmly screws their stiff tail, had managed to get their hands behind the back of Tom and the the back of the bus space. He was working slowly and soon panties in a bunch of phones, from then on was the Southern General the sky. Both children KNEw there will end up exactly where Alex watched the progress of the corner of my eye and smiled, as Simon saw the hand disappears behind Tom 's back as it s for the tunnel the line warm and welcoming. " Simon 're a dirty bastard! " He said, watching. Tom smiled with joy: " I ​​love it, I bet this must be done to himself, If " He nodded and smiled. " I can help, I have a free hand," asked Alex. Simon noted with a smile: " Yes, why not go for the front," he said, adding that "through his pants and his balls... we're in the game of Center! "n " Oh, my God! "said Tom, hold the legs together in anticipation n. " Now do not you dare stop rubbing with us! " Alex said to Tom: " I ​​can not go long time, my cock tingling already!" "No and I do not want you to go blind I will continue to do.... oh... ooohh ! " Tom said to stop mid-sentence, when Alex began his journey, see cellular tissue, so that the tips of his fingers with contactToms ballsac hair. Simon tail was also the starting point for the thrill of reaching, as noted by Tom out of your cock ready, the feeling seems to increase more excited was groping among the hot cheeks Tom Bum. Joe, was on the verge of another dry orgasm, which is David s if Joe started shaking cock in her mouth, despite managing n continued feverishly pulling on David 's cock , in the hope of Joe n both cum together. David was back with an irresistible urge to beat Joe really well and this time he has done! When he was arrested near the blue pants caught in the seat of and moved to the bottom to expose all crutch without hair, appeared before the eyes of David,literally! Joe could not resist a , like David his free hand slid between the legs white, soft ballsac cradle of the resistance, which was enough to start Joe deducted. that shuddered as the orgasm began to keep what they began again to take David, n followeduit only a few seconds ago, had his cock tingling, as if he had never done before s. Alex watched, smiling, with her legs pressed tightly in response to rubs Tom. As the orgasm involuntary spasms of the late David has just broken Joe. They were both breathing hard, his dick wet slips slowly from his mouth in a small puddle of saliva at rest in the womb Joe David with his hand still deep within the boundaries Joe legs. Joe had collapsed back into the top of David, his hand still run through the hair and the other David, David is still hard cock is a strange rhythm tighten. Alex was not sure if he saw Joe David gently kissed the tip of the head of his s in the climax, maybe I was wrong. Simon was also on the verge of orgasm, but quickly got Alex s return to the topic at hand, "Alex, now with Tom... push! " Jumped Tom visible from Alex put his hand firmly seated in its scrotum contact with the tip of Simon 's fingers, he navigate your way to kill the toms. " does not dare to rub stop us ! " Alex said excitedly to Tom, his hand actually extends the letter, when he met with Tom and balls squeezed \\ \\ n "I'm.... I'm almost there... a........... oh shit! " Simon breathed, "Tom do not stop... this is for you. " " Well, damn hurry... I 'm cumming... oh shit...... I'mmm... hurry..... please," said Tom tension in your body. " Now, now ! " Simon asked quickly moved her hand, her fingers medium term n a hot meat until the densely wrinkled little body was n will be the trigger. In a smart move, Simon made ​​his way to his index finger second knuckle, and his hand to prevent further penetration. Tom winced, and immediately ended violently, his body jerk most of the seats each time finger penetrated deeper Simon, presented by Alex with some difficult to hold onto Tom 's tail ! The three children were so high that once claimed that Tom hadbegun, cum was only a matter of seconds before three experienced mammoth s orgasms, both Simon and Alex collapse of Tom between them. Simon, his gray shorts down around his ankles, his left hand on the n Prior to his underwear and gently rubbed his penis is still swollen, while to keep his right hand on the back of Tom 's panties. His finger Tom 's ass out on the excitement was still massaging the folded skin around the entrance. Tom pretty well exhausted by the daily activity, he sat there in the middle of only with the support of Simon and Alex, will continue to place cock pain looking for. Tom began his shorts during arousal and now only wears the pants, white shirt and socks! written Stef had suffered much during the day as cellular material was certainly nothing to write to Tom pants n subject to the rule. With Simon after the last invasion, of the elastic waistband BECOM nowand stretched so much that she is unable to retain, had not expired Alex and activities around the leg openings, but broken was material. And, last but not least, was the enormous hole in the rear windows in which Simon forced his cock through earlier in the toilet was Alex, on the right side had control of the front of the Toms letter to any signs of watery milk. Because he was wearing Toms S fairly new mandates and were a perfect fit, he had on, while Tom kept he had hit the tail of the visit of the groove of urine. had to admit that while he had his last orgasm felt good, felt that no wondered the same thing that used to live, and he in me, if s that had Indeed, all runs at all to produce. Perhaps Simon 's brother, art, had said was right, that is not in the production of sperm go indefinitely, and had the cock a break, it was only his in the first production cum no markings on the outside, whichpulled his pants down and out, so that can inspect the inside, but was disappointed because the bag contained nothing , but a few spots of urine, and probably is Tom anyway! under the softening cock in his hand, examined the near end to the search for a character cum and hopes that a small drop of clear secretion of urine to see groove, accomplishment satisfied be tailored shorts n began, pulling up his pants again, because the bus is not the moment to your stop n. This guy five years later was very dirty and worn, that down the steep stairs at the last minute when the bus shooting at the bus stop. Tom, Alex, David, Joe Simon and talked away all excited about the day events as they walked slowly down the path of the bus stop. It was a joke n to say, their tails are definitely took after the constantly erect most of the day and very hard episodes of masturbation. " So Alex, tell us," said David, "what is this plan to order are n , then? " " Yes, Alex, what is ? " Joe asked anxiously. Simon saw Alex, " I can help you, then?" He asked impatiently: "I art. If you want I could do something when you get home after my mother n me later. " " idea of law, good. Hey, but where Tom is gone? "said Alex returned to view of Max Lolita Bbs the road. was David who first laughed, and soon the four boys laughter when he saw Tom 's situation, was standing on the sidewalk in twenty yards behind them, red with embarrassment had a hand down front of his shorts and tried desperately to get infamous Stef cell Slip back legs of the pants around his knees. Alex knew exactly what it was, n in this position, trying to to calm the other a bit, then when he came back he could see Tom was, of course, always excited n " Oh, man.... sorry... I do not want to laugh... but... sorry. " I s, he said, his handby Tom on the shoulder, Max Lolita Bbs "I know what pleases him. " Tom was about to mourn, " But... but, this is the umpteenth time today very well happen," he exclaimed, "It's so damn embarrassing... I never had to deal with something.... and it is n in the middle of the road damn well..... I just hope that you can good for me... or am I doomed to die ! "" " Come, let yourself together," said Alex, "Pull 'em up and let s go... Should I put my hand down there and help! " ' dirty bastard," said CEO Tom a smile when he starts walking again, "Sorry Alex, it was a very strange day, too much has happened to me today. I just do not understand everything and I feel gutted bastard. " " Yes, I'm a bit mixed so well. But no matter, I have to tell you are planning on these , you will be damned good love ! Come huury "said Alex, as n approached the other boy :" You all right, Tom has a little tired, but it in order. I think we all tired, because damn'S was a very strange days and I must admit, I 'm a little mixed as well! " " Yes, everything is about sex has certainly condemned me exhausted. "He said Joe. " I'm fucked, but what is the plan of Alex, " said Simon impatiently. " Right, that 's all. I realize that art is something about other children underwear, "said Alex, " Now, he wants to steal and then masturbates n is not true 'em ? " " fuck yer right ! " Simon said," And it does Nigel Twatt n the two 'em are dirty, thieves asshole! " " Well, that's right! " Alex said with a smile, " What do you expect most n if they steal all the pants and start shit..... " " Fucking brilliant! "David said," Well, I get with nothing... then is not it? " " Right fucking on ! " Alex said," And I bet you do not buy art, its own of clothing, right? " " No, no, Mom bought ' em both. "Said Simon," Why? " ", because it means you will not be able to replace, "said Alex triumphant n " Ah, I see! "Simon 's eyes lit up ! N "I could go buy new underwear, because I'm young and I also like damn shame and I know my mother would be here 'em is, bet where n is the same damn. " " Yes, he did not want the value of shit... you're right! "added Simon. " Sure," said Tom now come together in "that is, whether what we have let him or not, if only nick ' em! " " and, "added Joe to see the absurdity of it," not dare to go of his mother and says he lost his pants is he? " " who? "Alex said," No of us have the bottle right? I could not tell my mother who had lost all of my pants... would you " " there is no chance of being killed ! is a... fucking brilliant, "said Joe, " I love is " " Now, Simon, are you going to be like a spy within a spy for real! ", Alex said: "So you may have to steal the odd couple and tell us what is happens then we'll have one with Nigel and" "Starting the gym changing a good place to order,"Said David," this is pinched from my stuff! " " Damn,what a laugh! I begin to spy on tonight when I get home, "said Simon excited," and so you know how it works in our home. Mom is to do together to keep their own clothes, sort 'em out for the wash- n all that " because it is so complicated that bastard. She's given up everything he has now that! sure that a clean shirt, they may be right angry n have to hunt to find all the socks and everything else " " Well, "said Alex thinks," you mean if all his is dirty heart then has to sort it out for washing or even clothing has no carry, except for a clean shirt ! " " Yer, that is! "said Simon," my mom said if it gets dirty things then wash and iron them and all that, but she is not looking for dirty clothes in her bedroom messy! "Step \\ \\ n Tom in " So if, suddenly, he had his pants to wear nothing and your mother does not know and does not care anyway! " n "Ias it is now even better! "Said David and scratched stores shorts, ", which would start functioning better tonight Simon! " " Right I, so if you can not find the pants, I'll hide em 'in my room! ", said excitedly," AndDave, I'll try to start getting your blue pants hand, will be with the youth club until it is gone, so I have a look then. " " Oh, please, please... please, that would be great! "said David," he take twice mom does not know, that have been lost. " " Well, if I hear 'em I put ' em in a day though! "replied Simon with a wink. " WOT is a little dirty idiot," muttered Tom, Alex, " where he gets this idea ? " following u003e u003e u003e u003e u003e u003e u003e u003e chapter 9
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